Champagne culture / 07 september 2021

Hors-Série 1971


The uniqueness of a fifty-year-old blend enhanced by the exclusivity of a recent disgorgement, released in a limited-edition of 2021 bottles.

The Piper-Heidsieck commitment to excellence, the spirit of innovation and energy to think outside the box are at the heart of the creative vision of the Piper-Heidsieck Chief Winemaker, Emilien Boutillat. His philosophy is consistent with the HORS-SÉRIE collection, a new chapter for the House, where Émilien has carte blanche to fully express his creativity. The first release in this collection is the reinterpretation of a vintage blend dating from 50 years ago: HORS-SÉRIE 1971.

HORS-SÉRIE 1971 reflects the expertise of Piper-Heidsieck Chief Winemakers throughout the years: each one has contributed to nurturing this vintage by giving it the time to perfect its slow ageing before finally being unveiled in 2021.

As the youngest Chief Winemaker of a leading Champagne House and fully attuned to the times, Emilien has “carte blanche” to fully express himself. He believed it was definitely the moment to unveil this historic vintage with a fresh disgorgement. And so he added his personal touch to HORS-SÉRIE 1971; with his sensibility, his audacity and his creativity.


The Tasting experience

Released in a limited-edition of 2021 bottles, HORS-SÉRIE 1971 is remarkable for the singularity of each bottle: the freshness, so emblematic of the Piper-Heidsieck style, remains present. Nevertheless, during the 50 years of cellar ageing, the wine has evolved differently. Each bottle boasts its own personality and will offer a distinctive tasting experience; hence the reason for numbering each individual bottle.

Find the Hors-Série 1971 tasting notes Here.

The giftbox and the bottle

A timeless version of pop design
The artisans, based in Rennes (France), painstakingly selected pieces of solid oak from French forests, managed sustainably, The individual grain and hue of each wooden gift box is as distinctive as the wine they hold.

Once the wooden cover is removed, the bottle appears, enthroned on a pedestal, in a design straight out of the “seventies”. Each label is numbered and printed on specially designed, finely grained paper, also produced in France.

The Muselet, a collector’s item.

With the contemporary graphic monogram, inspired by the fashion of the 1970s, Piper-Heidsieck draws a parallel betweenthe House’s emblematic, free-spirited vision and the creativity of Émilien Boutillat, author of the current reinterpretation of this vintage. Surprising and neo-pop, it is becoming a collector’s item... the first of an exceptional new collection for collecting mavens.


The year initiates a decade where the desire for freedom abounded. Between “living elsewhere” and “living otherwise”, everything was about experiencing or experimenting. Science became the focus of interest for the general public, excessive and wild feelings spread wildly. And Piper-Heidsieck was getting ready to create an amazing vintage.

Discover the Hors-Série Spotify Playlist, inspired in the glorious year of 1971 Here.

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